“Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you got.”

-Janis Joplin

Vessel In2it! Card 1B


You are not alone.

You are welcome here.

FEEL In2it!


Your body. Your temple. Your VESSEL.

I grew up Catholic and I kept a couple of beliefs:

“God lives in each of us.”

“God loves everyone.”

These 2 beliefs helped me survive a crazy childhood.

I never really felt alone.

I thought God was with me all the time.

I believed that deep down inside everyone was ‘good’.

Even the bullies were just softies on the inside.

What I never understood, though, was

“Why do we need to dress up to go to church

since God sees us naked?”

“Why should I be ashamed of my body,

when God Loves Me?”


Your body is your vessel.

Your body is Sacred.

Your body is wise, intelligent, forgiving and resilient.

Believing your body is a sacred temple

goes against most religions.

Fortunately my ‘child mind’

didn’t swallow the myth whole

that we were ‘kicked out of the garden’,

the Garden of Eden.

Fortunately my INNOCENCE (inner-sense)

is stronger than cultural body shaming.

Especially being born female!

Just Like YOU!

I was taught to NOT listen to my intuition.

I was taught to deny my body sensations.

Mind over matter.

Just like you!

I was taught to believe what I saw on the screen,

or read in a book, instead of what I already knew.


You do know how to nurture yourself.

You do know how to nourish yourself.

You KNOW your body better than anyone else.

YOU are the expert of your VESSEL.

What if, for this moment, you believe-

-YOU are holy?

-YOU are whole?

-YOU are perfect the way you are?

If you want to change to become

MORE of who you are, Go In2it!

If you want to change

because you think you’re


PLEASE pause and reflect.


Life’s too short;

even though you have all the time in the world.


You KNOW your vessel better than anyone else!

You know how you when you stub your toe,

you grab it?

You know how when you nick your finger,

you kiss it?

You grab your toe to slow down the bruise.

You kiss your finger, ‘cuz your saliva is healing.

FEEL In2it! Your intuition sneaks up on you!

Vessel In2it! Card

If you pulled VESSEL

It’s time to love on your body.

It’s time to listen to your body sensations.

Your vessel is like an expensive violin.

Tune your strings and you’ll make music when

you sigh, laugh or hum a tune.

Turn up the Volume!

Instead of numb, you desire to be SENSITIVE.

Validate your desires, preferences,

hunches, whims, instincts.

Your vessel is more than 80% water.

Water responds to the slightest movement.

Sensitivity is your SUPER POWER!

Feel In2it!


Drink MORE water.

Sing more. Sigh more. Laugh more.

It strengthens your vessel!

Give more hugs.

Every hug you give-gives you back a hug!

Give what you want to receive.