Vessel In2it! Card 1B


Form a circle. Take turns in the middle,

freely move your body and freeze.

Hold your pose and say out loud

completing the sentence

“I am…”

I feel…”

I want…”

Empty Space In2it! Card 1B

Empty Space

Form a circle. Take turns being in the middle.

When you are in the middle-

Move your body slowly.

Someone-Anyone spontaneously shouts FREEZE!

Hold your pose.

Each person on the outside ring-mirrors the pose.

The person in the middle ‘Thaws’

and jumps back out of the circle.

While grabbing someone to jump into the middle. 

Next person moves their body slowly.

Someone spontaneously shouts FREEZE! Hold their pose.

Each person on the outside ring-mirrors the pose.

after a few turns form one circle-

face inward and breathe in the empty space.

Intimacy In2it! Card 1B



Eye Gaze into partner’s eyes

Take turns saying out loud

In To Me I See…

complete the sentence.

Remember In2it! Card 1B


Walk backwards like walking back in time…

randomly move until partnered back to back.

Give each other a back massage

by leaning into each other’s back.

While walking backward-

say “I remember…”

pause, leaning back on each other

and complete the sentence

“I remember…”

Sacred Playground In2it! Card 1B



“Tag!” You’re IT!

Set a boundary to hold your playground.

Divide into 4 teams.

Create a large circle

and the middle is the playground.

Each team will take turns creating one sculpture inside the playground.


One person at a time comes into the playground posing AND physically joins the person before them. When the last person joins the sculpture they move as one organism out of their pose.

They move to the outside

and another team takes a turn.

When the last team moves as one organism, the rest of the teams join the last team,

 all together you all move as one organism.


Water In2it! Card 1B


Using movement and sound

express a quality of water:

Mist, Fog, Rain

Sleet, Snow

Steam, Ice


Interact with each other as different qualities.


How does Steam connect with Ice?

 How does Fog relate to Rain?

 Emerge In2it! Card 1B


Divide your group into 2 groups. The first group are Seeds. The second group is SunShine.

Seed Group:

Lay down on the floor and imagine a heavy blanket of organic compost surrounding every inch of you, keeping you warm and submerged. You are snuggled up safe. You go into a deep sleep. YOU are seeds. Maybe sunflower seeds, or avocado seeds or  wildflower seeds.

SunShine group:

You are dancing across the room. Each time you get higher and higher hovering over the seeds. You send sun rays through your finger tips and beams of sun shine off the bottoms of your feet.

Seed Group:

You begin to feel warm. Now even warmer as the sunshine penetrates your warm blanket. You wiggle and swell. 

Sunshine Group:

Shout! Sing! Command! 

“Wake Up!”  “Reach Out!” “EMERGE!”

 The sun sends light and heat toward the coiled up seeds.

Seeds slowly uncoil as the sun heats up.

 The New sprouting seeds Emerge toward the sun. Seeds break ground. With each movement seeds feel stronger and stronger. SunShine dances among the seeds emerging.

Fire In2it! Card 1B


On a piece of paper write down

what you are passionate about-

What you are ‘dying’ to manifest

or share to the world.

Fold up your paper

and each place into a container.

Shuffle papers and take turns drawing paper and reading out loud to group.

Then guess who’s passion you are reading.

Burn the shame or inhibition

by exclaiming your truth with witness.

Gargoyle In2it Card 1B


Form a circle facing each other.

Take a moment and make eye-contact

with each person in the circle.

Now turn outward as a circle

and make faces and postures

being fierce using sound and motion.

As you face outward you are being the fierce gargoyle that protects you from

self-doubt, self-judgment, and negative thoughts of your unique gifts.

Now turn again facing each other.

Take turns saying out loud

your unique gifts you have to share with the world:

honesty, loyalty, courage, sensitivity, compassion….

Take turns standing in the middle

of your sacred circle of protection

and say out loud

Completing the sentence

“A gift I share with the world is…”

Allow yourself to feel safe that judgment or doubt cannot enter your sacred circle because there is a circle of gargoyles protecting you.

Path In2it! Card1 B


Use your group as objects

to build your path.

In detail describe your path-

where it’s located and where it leads to.

How wide is your path? Who frequents it? 

Bicycles? Baby strollers?

Hikers, animals?

Include the surface, edges, plants, rocks,

benches, art light sculptures.

Then walk on your path feeling solid and secure. 

Reverse roles with each object

that makes up your path-

Introduce your role


My path is made of -dirt, pavement, stepping stones…

As a bench “I am…,

As  the decorative lighting “I feel…,

As the rock edge “I serve as…”

Shaman's Drum In2it! Card 1B

Shaman Drum

Clap on your chest

like you are gently beating a shaman drum.

Call forth your medicine guide

-animal, bird, fish into the circle.

Now take turns in the center of the circle

As your medicine guide

express with movement and words

I see…

I hear…

I feel…

I smell…

I taste…

I serve…

SunBurst In2it! card 1B


Using movement and sound move freely around the room and take up all the space around you.

First non-verbally express

Largely and Boldly

your gifts you

may have been withholding

due to –shyness, inhibition,

insecurity, self judgment.

Move freely around the room.

Randomly take turns.

First holding a pose and then

speaking Firmly and Passionately –

“What burns inside me…

“What I LOVE about me is…

“What’s exploding out of me is…”

“What beams light to the corners of the room is…”

Elastic In2it! Card 1B


Form a circle.

One person stands in the middle.

She moves, stretches, bends

and everyone copies her movement.

She moves out of the circle

and pulls someone else into the circle.

She completes this sentence saying outloud

“What feels beyond my reach is…”

Then someone else jumps into the circle taking a turn completing the next sentence

“What stretches me beyond my comfort zone is…”

Then someone else jumps into the circle taking a turn completing the next sentence-

“What helps me remember I’m flexible is…”

Continue like popcorn taking turns stretching your body or stretching your capacity to be vulnerable.

Family In2it! Card 1B


Take turns moving to each person

and say one by one-completing the sentence

“I embrace………about you”

Someone randomly calls out “Pause!”

Now give the person nearest you a huge Bear Hug!

Drink all the love into your bones.

Hope In2it! Card 1B


Choose a partner and take turns

one is giver the other receiver.

The receiver lies face up on the floor.

The giver is sitting at their partners side.

The receiver says to giver

saying out loud

“Penetrate my heart

with exploding love.

Pierce through any doubt

of the magnificence I am.”

The giver gently strokes, presses, taps,

massages any tense areas

the receiver identifies needing to soften.

Giver can sing, hum, breathe loudly

And fills the audio area with sound to

infuse your body with hope.

Then take turns.

SHOUT! In2it! Card 1B


Walk around the room making low sounds.

Involve your mouth, your tongue

and have fun feeling all the muscles

in your face and neck participate.

Gradually move into percussive vocal sounds.

Engage your diaphragm

and core muscles as you make sounds

like Hah!, Heh!, Hoh! Humph!

Now partner back to back with someone.

Lean into each other and give each other

a wonderful back massage

by rolling slowly into each other’s

shoulders and mid back.

Begin vibrating by making vocal sounds.

Reach deep from within your belly.

Feel the vibration of your partner.

 Form 2 groups.

A group is NO!

B group is YES!

take turns convincing No’s to Yes’s

and back and forth.

1st mill around using non –verbal-expressive movement,

2nd mill around using only the words yes or no.

What does it feel like to be in opposition?

What does it feel like to partner

with someone who is in agreement?

Web In2it! Card 1B


everyone walks around the room.

one person stops, everyone stops.

one person begins moving.

everyone moves.

One person makes a sound,

everyone makes the same sound.

one person stops sounding, everyone stops sounding.

This requires simple sounds and movements

for increasing sensitivity of each person in the room.

At some point a chorus of sounding-

circles of sounding like row row row your boat

Play and riff off each other.

Feel the gentle connections of weaving into each other.

Service Guide Card 1B


Move slowly around the room,

Gently stir, then shake

and then freely move around.

Occasionally pause-

hold your pose, receive your ancestors.

Hallow Tree In2it! Card 1B

Hallow Tree

Find a place and stand in the room.

Feel your toes on the floor, your roots.

Feel the stretch in your limbs

 Throughout your arms and legs and torso.

Slowly pull from the earth sound

and sing out loud from your heart your prayer.

Reflection In2it! Card 1B


Sit in front of mirror.

Eye gaze left eye to left eye.

Soften your gaze and allow yourself

to receive your reflection.


Partner and eye gaze with soft eyes.

Receive your reflection.

Wild Card In2it! Card 1B

Wild Card

Move freely around the room.

Wag your hips.

Shake your tail.

Stick out your tongue.

Wobble. Hop. Leap.

Become as small as you can

and move throughout the room.

Now be as big as you can

and move throughout the room

Now be tall.

Now be wide and move throughout the room.

Form a circle and take turns in the center


making sound and movement.

NO WORDS. Take turns.

Wise Fool In2it! Card 1B

Wise Fool

Sit in a circle. Take turns telling stories.

First person begins story,

The next person tags onto the story.

Each person embellishes.

Continue passing the story to next person.

The last person creates an ending.