Get In2it!

Trusting my intuition took guts. What’s amazing is that intuition is like a flashlight into our soul, and it’s always ready and available to help you out. AND you don’t need batteries! Learning how to listen and trust your intuition is simple! In2it! Readings are subtle and all about YOU!

Here’s a little ‘bit about me and the ‘origin’ story of In2it!

Growing up for me was like riding on a merry-go-round. I entered this life literally feet first. I changed families like clockwork, about every 2 years: new houses, new schools, neighborhoods, countries even cultures and religions. My mantra was: “when the world spins, hold onto what stays the same”. As I struggled to hold onto my inner world, intuition became my compass.

Despite skipping out of Kindergarten and dropping out of High School, I loved learning. Miraculously I found foster care, and eventually completed a Masters’ degree in Transpersonal Psychology. Still, chaos churned inside me. I groped to grasp meaning and purpose.

It was through Dance that I finally felt my feet touch the ground. Dance helped me stand still. Movement calmed me. Catharsis brought contentment.

I went In2it.


Going In2it sometimes means stepping into paradox:

Holding onto letting go.

Dying to be alive.

Going In2it led me to trust my intuition.

Hope In2it! Card

To develop my intuition, I excavated my soul. Journaling was my sharp tool: drawing images and digging up words. I sifted through reams of journals and 22 archetypal images tagged with simple words surfaced. I discovered an Intuitive deck of 22 cards.

In2it emerged!

Playing with the deck of 22 cards became an intuitive tool for centering me in the midst of life’s creative chaos. Hopefully it will be so for you as well.

Go In2it! and trust your intuition. You are not alone.