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The guidebook online at In2it.Cards
INCLUDES! Divination of Each Card.

22 games to to develop, heighten and follow your intuition.

5 Suggested Spreads for exchanging readings.

Playing together offers you a way to connect with others affirming that you are not alone bumping up your intuition muscles.

YOU are important to me. $25 per deck $40 for 2 decks Shipping included

In2it! Cards are a creative, engaging, and fun way to learn how to trust your intuition. The guidebook has 22 games to to develop, heighten and follow your intuition.  The cards and games are suitable for all ages and offer you a way to connect with others affirming that you are not alone. Sensitive, intuitive people often withdraw and feel ‘different’.
The guidebook also includes how to play a ‘group’ reading which involves learning how to step into another’s skin (or shoes) to cultivate empathy.
The 22 cards in the deck are archetypal images to elevate innocence, discernment, responsibility and service to humanity.
Playing with the deck of 22 cards became an intuitive tool for centering me in the midst of life’s creative chaos.

We all are born with intuition. Usually, we spend our childhood being taught to deny our inherent wisdom, and then throughout our adult life we ‘try’ to trust our instincts and hunches.  There is very little formal education teaching us how to affirm and validate our own personal body language, much less, learning how to read someone else.