Empty Space In2it! Card 1B

Empty Space

“There is a vitality, a life-force, an energy,

a quickening that is translated through you into action…Keep the channel open.”
Martha Graham            

How do YOU describe the empty space

that is full of emptiness?

Empty space.

You come in and empty yourself.

You show up and then get out of the way

for your life to create itself.

Undefined space

No agenda

Full of mystery

There’s room for discovery

You see a crack in the universe.

A place to fall into

full of emptiness.

 Now remains undefined.



Your presence is your present.

All possibilities are here.

My life is full of mystery.

What fills empty space?


Present tense is where

You create your own experience.

Present tense is the most seductive place to be.

Present tense

You are vulnerable, transparent, and raw.

Authenticity exists in your present tense.

Present tense is where creativity happens.

-spirit moves in human form.

-each problem has a solution.

-innocence stays alive.

You take a risk.

Your agenda is to have NO agenda.

You prepare to be spontaneous.

When you sink into present tense

Your words, movement, voice inflection,

and gestures match.

Empty Space In2it! Card PNG

If you pulled empty space,

ask yourself

“What in my life desires to be cleared

to open up and make room for empty space?”

Literally look at your

counter tops and


Clear away until you reach present tense.

Respond and delete old cell phone messages.

Empty your e-mail box.

Clean out your wallet or purse.

Clear your computer desk top?

When you look around right now

do you see present tense?

Is it time for you to clear your walls?

Focus on

the empty spaces

when you drive,




In your relationships

where is the empty space?

Do you pause during conversations?

Do you have no clue what the next comment

is going to be?

Make room for

undefined space,

no agenda,

invite mystery,

and room for discovery.

See a crack in the universe.

It’s a place to fall into

full of emptiness.

Now remains undefined.

Empty space


Published by

Carola Marashi M.A.

Creativity is what 'saved' me. My earliest mantra as a survivor was "It's not what I have, it's what I do with it". And my little jingles in my head continue to ring true. "Rules were made for people, not people made for rules. You can take my body, but you can't have my soul." Self discovery is my spiritual practice. I want to make sense of my world. The past few years with the Me Too movement and our current climate change shakes me to my bones. I use creativity for self discovery. I roam outside the box and stretch my comfort zone, knowing the fastest growth is on the edge. As a coach, I nudge you off your cliff, applaud your leap, and trust your creative process of messiness and chaos. Writers block, depression, nervous break down, even menopause are opportunities for spiritual growth. My coaching is meant to disturb your reality. It's in the cracks that light comes through. Whatever taps your creativity, unleashes your brilliance, helps you hear your soul's calling serves humanity and makes our world a better place. As a Transpersonal Therapist, I help you shed fear and resistance for rapid evolution. As an Ordained Minister, I understand that being human is a spiritual practice. As a published author, I advocate speaking your truth. Despite dropping out of high school, I accomplished a Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Psychology and Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition. I am the author of Sensual Eating and In2it! Trust Your Intuition Deck and Guide, and am the co-founder of Body Choir Community Ecstatic Dance (1994) in Austin, Houston, Sante Fe and Ashland which inspired Ecstatic Dance around the globe.

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