“Anyone who thinks sunshine is happiness

has never danced in the rain.”                              

– Unknown-

Water In2it! Card 1B


Water, mist, steam, snow, fog,

torrent, tidal wave,

gas, liquid, solid.

Shape shifter.


Egg and Sperm swivel and swirl.

Blood. Sweat. Tears. Spit.


Tear drops swell into ripples of laughter.

Blood pools and spills in cycles of the moon.


If you pulled water

Your strength is your vulnerability.

You are mostly water.

Allow yourself to ooze, drip, splash, and gush.


Are you holding in

A big cry?

A big sigh?

A moan?

A groan?


Your emotions serve you.

Release your emotions.

Your emotions wash you clean.

Even if you feel that your emotions are too big,

like crashing waves

or a ripping hurricane,

right now you have all that you need to release.

Water serves you.

Tape a message on your water bottle

“I am not my emotions.

My emotions wash through me.”

Published by

Carola Marashi M.A.

Right now is an exciting time to be alive. We live in a state of paradox. We have the abundance of technology at our fingertips. Despite our ability to connect to the world of people, places and information, depression, PTSD, and addiction plague humanity. As western medicine fails to serve human resilience and wholeness, natural plant medicine demonstrates shocking success in alcoholism, autism, and ‘treatment resistant depression’. Integration is how we find center in the midst of chaos. As adults we know change is our only constant. Integration therapy is the process of honoring our innocence, standing in our integrity, responding over reacting, and knowing our presence is our greatest gift to humanity. We become stronger from conflict when we face our fears, wrestle our monsters, and own our potential. “It’s not what happens to you, it what you do with your life experiences that make you who you are.” Psychedelic medicine is proven to be 80% effective in treating human suffering. It’s possible that distress is the fragmentation of our soul and healing is weaving our wisdom, accepting our humanness and integrating our mind, body, and spark of life. Transpersonal Psychology bridges the gap of science and spirituality; honoring that we are spirits having our human experience. As a Transpersonal Therapist, I help you melt fear and resistance for rapid evolution. As an Ordained Minister, I understand that being human is a spiritual practice. As a published author, I advocate speaking your truth. Despite a chaotic childhood I was blessed to encounter psychedelics in my youth. In the absence of belonging to family, home and consistency, I found an abundance of synchronicity and Spirituality. My knowledge of science with a Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition provides structure and a solid foundation. My Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Psychology offers tools of integration to live through PTSD, depression and addictions. I am the author of Sensual Eating and In2it! Trust Your Intuition Deck and Guide, and am the co-founder of Body Choir Community Ecstatic Dance (1994) in Austin, Houston, Sante Fe and Ashland training facilitators around the globe.

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