Fire In2it! Card 1BBLAST!



A chant or spell to be spoken out loud.

Yellow flame turns blue

then burns honest white.

Sparks and smoke

spook away fright.


Warm my soul

ignite my passion.

Fire my spirit.

Illuminate my shadow.

Fire Medicine teach me your ways.


if you pulled fire

Fire medicine burns in your life.

Ready yourself.

Sacrifice procrastination.

Burn away delay and hesitation.

Summon spontaneity!

Spontaneity fans your flaming desires.


Passion refuses to wait for approval.

Passion sparks your creative expression.


Laugh with gusto!

Laugh at yourself.

When you take yourself too seriously,

laugh so hard you gasp LOUDLY for air.

Incinerate inhibition

and self-judgment.

Receive inspiration.



Rub up against your fears.

Your authenticity burns white flame.

Your honesty glows from your heart center.

Your truth burns away doubt.
Feed yourself unstoppable love.
Toss your sunglasses and take in sunshine.
Shed a layer of clothes and expose yourself.
Surround yourself with compliments today.

Dare to wear red.
Seduce your burning desires.




Emerge In2it! Card 1B

emerge n see


Imagine seeing a seed resting

in the palm of your hand.

I’m a seed perfectly shaped

to go down, down into the earth.

Even if you eat me,

I’m perfectly shaped to exit like how I entered.

I have everything I need.

I hold all memory of who I am,

where I came from,

 and what I am here to do.

I emerge when the time is right.

My body knows when to emerge.

The sun guides me where to go.

The earth holds me securely.

I murmur

“Father sun I feel you.

Mother earth I rest in you.

Wind stir above me.

Rain storm around me.

I am ready to emerge.

I know my center is deeply connected

to the core of the earth.

I exist for the pure sake of beauty.”


emerge n see


If you pulled emerge

ask yourself

“What has been submerged

gathering life energy that

now desires to be witnessed?”

“Right now,

what desires to meet the light of day?”

You are perfectly whole.

You are magnificent as you are right now.

Whatever ‘work’ you have been doing

is complete.

Come out.


The time is right.

The sun is here.

Your growth depends on emerging.


The time is now.

The place is right here.



“Anyone who thinks sunshine is happiness

has never danced in the rain.”                              

– Unknown-

Water In2it! Card 1B


Water, mist, steam, snow, fog,

torrent, tidal wave,

gas, liquid, solid.

Shape shifter.


Egg and Sperm swivel and swirl.

Blood. Sweat. Tears. Spit.


Tear drops swell into ripples of laughter.

Blood pools and spills in cycles of the moon.


If you pulled water

Your strength is your vulnerability.

You are mostly water.

Allow yourself to ooze, drip, splash, and gush.


Are you holding in

A big cry?

A big sigh?

A moan?

A groan?


Your emotions serve you.

Release your emotions.

Your emotions wash you clean.

Even if you feel that your emotions are too big,

like crashing waves

or a ripping hurricane,

right now you have all that you need to release.

Water serves you.

Tape a message on your water bottle

“I am not my emotions.

My emotions wash through me.”

Sacred Playground

Sacred Playground

Sacred Playground In2it! Card 1B

In this sacred village
there is a sacred playground.
Within this sacred playground
you get to be super heroes.
Spiderman, Wonder Woman, 
Alice in Wonderland
Persephone, Hades, Kali, God.

You get to be all of them
like queen, witch, monster, good fairy.
This sacred playground includes 
all of you
cry baby, bully, know it all, pig pen.

Sticks and stones may break your bones,
but names will never hurt you.

When you enter your sacred playground
you move into NOW time zone.

You dream awake and
all dreams come true.

There is a pot of gold at the end 
of the rainbow
and all stories are happily ever after--

you play your nightmares.
You throw temper tantrums, you flail,
you whine and wail, and murder and die.

You meet the monster.
Eat the monster.
Become the monster.
Befriend the monster.

You move past good and evil,
move between heaven and hell.
You create a magic circle.

What protects your sacred playground?

Your gargoyles! Your dragons!
And the monsters
You've made friends with!

Magic surrounds your playground 
with love.

In your sacred playground.
There is willingness to use what 
we all have in common-
long ears, pointy snouts, fat tongues.

Everyone agrees to follow their noses, 
guts, our hearts.

We all desire to be seen, to be heard, 
and be accepted just the way we are.

If you pulled sacred playground,

Magic is afoot.

Your magic toy box is full of curiosity.

You have very detailed chants and charms to cast your spells.

You have a wide open heart full of compassion.

You are full of blessings from those who love you.

Right now imagine in detail-

your favorite place.

See yourself in the picture.

Smell the aroma around you.

Absorb the light that surrounds you.

Fill your ears with children’s laughter.

If you’ve been serious,

it is time to lighten up and play.

Laugh so hard your belly aches.

Laugh so hard you start to cry.

GO In2it!

Take YOUR turn!

Be the STAR!

Play fair.

TAG! YOU are IT!

Go In2it!

You’re the captain of your favorite team.

Your cheerleaders are cheering for you.

Your magic is contagious.

Everyone wants to come play with you

in your Sacred Playground!


Your Resilient Innocence REMEMBERS:

Remember In2it! Card 1B

You show up real.

You discover yourself, again and again,

new and different.

You feel your presence makes a difference.

You remember you are bigger than

your small thoughts, your small fears.

You witness yourself and others taking risks to show up 

outside the ‘box’ of social norms.

You reveal your truth because you have to for yourSelf.

You break out of your fears, your self-imposed limitations.

You crave to know what it is to be human.

You bare your soul.

You seek raw expression.

You expand your capacity to give and receive love.


If you pulled REMEMBER

Wrap your arms across your chest.

Give YourSelf a Hug.

Squeeze. Squeeze all your separate bits back together again.

You Belong here.

You are Welcome here.

All of you.

You are love.child hugging self


RE-MEMBER your prayer:


You are more than the emotions

that run through you.


You are more than your life experiences.


You are divine spirit exploring

what it is to be a human this lifetime.


You desire ritual so you can create

meaningful experiences to share.


You desire to know

all the way down to your bones

when you are present you make an impact.

ReMember You matter.




















Intimacy In2it! Card 1B


My soul’s reflection.

I see you. I hear you. I feel you.

Dear Reflection-

I ask you to see me with soft eyes.

Hear me with soft ears.

Judgment free

I show up and bare my soul.

Mirror mirror on the wall,

who’s the fairest of them all?

My soul’s reflection.

Crawling on my hands and knees,

my nose drags the ground hounding fear.

My tongue drips with scent of raw blood,

bitter with an iron aftertaste.

I wander through

dark dank alleys and tight corridors.

I’m in a maze of mirrored hallways.

Flashing , I see all that isn’t me.

Can I INTIMATELY know me?

Exhaust me with fierce love.

Bring me to my knees.

In to me I see

My soul’s reflection.


If you pulled INTIMACY

Take a moment and gaze into a mirror.

Soften your gaze.

Look into your left eye with soft eyes.

Allow yourself to move in and out of focus.

This is your mantra:

I am love.

I radiate love. 

Today I am receiving compliments.

Today all around me I receive love.








Empty Space In2it! Card 1B

Empty Space

“There is a vitality, a life-force, an energy,

a quickening that is translated through you into action…Keep the channel open.”
Martha Graham            

How do YOU describe the empty space

that is full of emptiness?

Empty space.

You come in and empty yourself.

You show up and then get out of the way

for your life to create itself.

Undefined space

No agenda

Full of mystery

There’s room for discovery

You see a crack in the universe.

A place to fall into

full of emptiness.

 Now remains undefined.



Your presence is your present.

All possibilities are here.

My life is full of mystery.

What fills empty space?


Present tense is where

You create your own experience.

Present tense is the most seductive place to be.

Present tense

You are vulnerable, transparent, and raw.

Authenticity exists in your present tense.

Present tense is where creativity happens.

-spirit moves in human form.

-each problem has a solution.

-innocence stays alive.

You take a risk.

Your agenda is to have NO agenda.

You prepare to be spontaneous.

When you sink into present tense

Your words, movement, voice inflection,

and gestures match.

Empty Space In2it! Card PNG

If you pulled empty space,

ask yourself

“What in my life desires to be cleared

to open up and make room for empty space?”

Literally look at your

counter tops and


Clear away until you reach present tense.

Respond and delete old cell phone messages.

Empty your e-mail box.

Clean out your wallet or purse.

Clear your computer desk top?

When you look around right now

do you see present tense?

Is it time for you to clear your walls?

Focus on

the empty spaces

when you drive,




In your relationships

where is the empty space?

Do you pause during conversations?

Do you have no clue what the next comment

is going to be?

Make room for

undefined space,

no agenda,

invite mystery,

and room for discovery.

See a crack in the universe.

It’s a place to fall into

full of emptiness.

Now remains undefined.

Empty space